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Tuesday, December 04, 2012

1 year 9 months of Hiatus!

Dear Diary?

How long has it been since i last wrote an entry for my blog?
Like 1 year 9 months or so. And to have read my previous blog entry, made me realized how much things has changed over the 21 months.

1. I'm almost done with tertiary, having my internship at Singapore Marriott Hotel with Chin Yi.
2. I have had my driving license for more than a year which makes me a NON probational driver! (Cheers to that!)
3. My life's had a few changes which i wouldn't elaborate.
4. I'm enjoying my life at Marriott.

&&& I'm caught up at work now for Christmas Sales! :)

Would love to post some pictures but am too lazy to.
Next time perhaps! I'll try to update. Promise.
 Doubt i have any readers right now but that's fine.


Monday, March 28, 2011

Chio right? ^^

okay, decided i should really really keep my blog updated.

Had been working for the weekends,
and the weird thing about this work is,
they are all all all older than me but yet i can get along with them :)
That's a pretty good thing.
BUTTTTT.. they kind of like speak ill of each other. 
That's not the main point, i wanted to say like..they speak ill of EACH OTHER to ME!
this got me wondering if they ever do that to me. i'll be so sad. Hopefully not of course.
& today, i felt so nice. 'Cause when i first reached my workplace,
I was offered to have lunch over there even though,
I wasnt supposed to have any breaks.
Next, Auntie carol offered me her untouched bubble tea which everyone
that was working before i came got treated by our captain.
Followed on, Missy chef offered me her untouched bubble tea too as she's allergic to tea!
Gosh, imagine how loved i felt. hahahaha!

Okay, enough of those.
Pretty much wasted my holidays as i havent been given much schedule. D:

Splendid days with besties and primary school besties and classmates! :D
1. Hang out with classmates, L4D!!!!! & did some joke moves.

2. Chill out with yap & jes at esplanade by the river. GREAT day!

3. Head to Alexa's house with Kriz & TsernTing.

it was quite fun tho :P 

yeaaaaah. That's about it! I'll update more soon aite!
Miss me while im gone.

Food @ NEX with mum :)

Out with yap to chilllll.

2 more days, WHEEEEEEE!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Having my holidays before proceeding to year 2.
Corrupted stuffs happening in my life right now that
i dont even know how to blog about happy stuffs.

Remembered buying mum a longchamp tote bag for her birthday.
Attended jessie's birthday chalet.
Shall let the pictures do the talking.

4 of us, and fyi that's not my undies that you see right there, it's my pocket!

Happy girl with her bf.

Took instax-es.

And shall end off with a picture of me and baby.

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Getting irritated by school even if it's just the first week.
they give you assignment today and expect you to hand up by this sunday.
WDF. urghhhhhhh.
Persevere though!

Got back results, 1 A 1 B+ :)
BCS is pissing the shit out of me maaan.
one moment, they ask us to compare computer specifications,
next moment they ask us to compare internet service provider packages -.-

O Level results in like 3 days time.
Good luck to those taking them! :D

Oh, to all the mighty readers here,
if you have job lobangs, please do intro.
In need of a job badly. Thanks!

Friday, December 31, 2010

Alright! LAST DAY OF 2010. 
(Been looking forward to this day, cause 2010 ain't a good year!)

so everyone's been blogging about how great/awesome/bad 2010 is.
oh well,
Entering poly was the start of this year.
Got admitted to Temasek Poly, Hospitality and Tourism which is my first choice.
Having to adapt to the studying lifestyle is one,
making new friends is two.
At the start of this year, i dread going to school thinking how horrendous my class was (DONT JUDGE YET!), and now is the end of year, i dread going to year 2 because i know i'll definitely miss this class more than ever.

They are different from what i thought, better than what i thought, lovelier than what i thought.
we had gatherings here and there, christmas dinner where they bought me awesome gifts
and got me so unexpected.

Hectic year for me with projects coming in all at one go.
bad year for me as all 3 guys around me got into trouble.

Christmas had been rather good for me. I received so many unexpected gifts.
I had christmas gathering with classmates, christmas eve at relative's area for good food, town with bf & friends, christmas with baby's aunt at jack's place, boxing day with besties; yap, jes, mel and jaron!
Anddddd i get to eat log cake this yearr, although such a small slice.
but a good thing as i always never get to eat 'em.

yes and like any others, i hope 2011 will be a better year for me.
Turning 18 in less than 2 months! Excited or what?!

2011 Resolution:

1. To study hard and attain at least a 3 for GPA. 
2. Work and lighten family's burden.
3. To be LESS vulgar and scold lesser people (This is actually the hardest of all. but i promise to try!)
4. Get a new hair colour before dyeing black for year 2 :(
5. To consistently jot down deadlines in my scheduler! 
6. Get a new camera/polaroid/instax/holga
7. Consistently blog.
8. Treasure everyone around me!!!

That's all for now.
Love you guys!
May 2011 be the best for everyone of you.